For the Project Creator:

So you just finished your successful Kickstarter campaign. You don’t have the resources to set up a full-fledged ecommerce site, but you don’t want the funding to stop. It sounds like the Indiegogo InDemand platform is perfect for you.

Think of InDemand as a an extension of your regular crowdfunding campaign. Theoretically your product could stay on InDemand as long as you want. Projects on the InDemand platform are treated just like an ordinary Indiegogo campaign in terms of promotion and newsletter inclusion.

The InDemand platform is a place for your product to bring in a steady stream of revenue while you handle other functions of your business.


For the Backer:

One of the major benefits of backing an InDemand campaign is confidence. A backer can have almost 100% confidence that the project is going to deliver. This is because only successful crowdfunding projects are eligible for InDemand. Also, since these projects are fully funded, there is often no wait on shipping.

Indemand is a great way to get into crowdfunding with little risk involved.