44 Best Kickstarter Board Games of 2019 [Updated]

by | Dec 16, 2019

Guess how much Cards Against Humanity raised on Kickstarter.

$5 million? $10 million?

The answer?


Pretty shocking, right?

Not really.

That was back in 2010, when Kickstarter board games didn’t go viral and raise millions.

Now they do.

Here’s our list of the best Kickstarter board games of 2019:


Best Kickstarter Board Games of 2019


December 2019



44. BIRDIE! The Disk Golf Board Game





Do they yell, “fore” in Disk Golf?

(They’d reduce concussions by a whopping 147% if they started now.)

BIRDIE ! The Disk Golf Board Game lets you disk as one of four players.

My money is on Dakota “Big D” Digs.




43. Unsettled® Board Game


My stomach after taco night…

Talk about unsettled, amirite?!

The Unsettled Board Game abandons you on an unknown planet where you’ve been infected with, “parasitic, spore-based lifeforms.”




42. Great Wall Board Game




The Great Wall of China is over 13,000 miles long.

My attention span, by contrast, is a mere 12 seconds long.

Your job is to focus your mind (for far, far longer than that) to defend the Great Wall!




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November 2019


41. Dispel Dice Debut Collection With Sharp Edges & Inclusions



“Pshhhh, those are just dice!”

Just dice?


Those are not JUST dice!

They’re insanely fancy dice that come in 20 mesmerizing styles.

Let the common folk use ordinary dice…

You, sir/madam, deserve these.




40. Darwin’s Choice – The Final Campaign


As a vertically-challenged 26-year-old with the eyesight of a naked mole-rat, evolution dealt me a cruel blow.

But THIS is my chance to level the playing field.

Darwin’s Choice Before & After is an expansion for the original Darwin’s Choice Board Game.

You’ll use 480 hand-drawn cards to create an animal species that’s as optimally adapted to its environment as possible.

It’d tell you to create a species that looks like me, but the only thing I’m optimally adapted for is sitting on my a** all day.



39. Square Off Swap – The Smart Game Board With Pieces That Move Themselves




I recently DESTROYED my cousin in Chess…

After nabbing his queen with my bishop, I stood triumphantly, pounded my chest, and shouted, “YOU SUCK, RICKY!” at the top of my lungs.

He’s eight.

After wiping away the tears, he asked his mom if he could go home now.

What’s the lesson here?

Ricky needs to toughen up.

Also, I should probably get Square Off SWAP.

It’s an absurdly futuristic game board featuring smart pieces that literally move THEMSELVES.

Play one of four ultra-popular games against evolving AI, or challenge yourself against friends around the world.

It’s a NO-BRAINER for old-school gamers looking for a new-school twist on classic games.

P.S. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. and Europe!





October 2019


38. Gameboard-1


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



Sure, I’ll admit it.

I cried when Eleven read Hopper’s letter at the end of Stranger Things.

(I’m no monster.)

This campaign video has a MAJOR Stranger Things vibe 20 seconds in and I love it.

Gameboard-1 adds a modern twist to old-school tabletop gaming.

It combines a high-tech touchscreen with traditional game pieces for a one of a kind experience PERFECT for 2019 gamers.




37. Tilt Five: Holographic Gaming Table


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



Here’s a question:

What’s the group dynamic going on in this video?

Both guys definitely have a crush on the girl, but who is SHE into??

Regardless, Tilt Five AR Glasses are pretty freakin’ cool.

They make gaming come ALIVE with vivid 3D gameplay.




36. Reaper Miniatures Bones 5: Escape from Pizza Dungeon


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



Shout-out to Bob…

Rocking a pullover without a shirt underneath?


You know what else is bada**?

Bones miniatures.

They’re kind of like Beanie Babies were 20 years ago — insanely collectable and stored in my grandma’s closet.

Hopefully the bubble doesn’t burst on these bad boys like it did for our bean-filled friends.





September 2019


35. Half Truth


Best Kickstarter Games 2019



Need an example of a half-truth?

My name is Grant and I’m incredibly handsome.

Need another one?

I have a girlfriend who loves me.

Crap, that one was a no-truth.

Half Truth is a party game invented by Ken Jennings.

(Yup, the Jeopardy guy.)

What does he know about partying?

I’ll take “apparently a lot” for $500, Alex.

It’s raised nearly $300,000.

Each card in the game has six names or phrases written on it.

Three are 100% true…

And three are half-truths.

Meaning they sound like they COULD be the answer, but aren’t.

Want more info about the gameplay?

You’re out of luck.

They spent about 90% of their campaign video explaining who the founders are.

Guess you’ll have to back it to find out!

Best Kickstarter Games 2019



34. Moonrakers


Best Kickstarter Games 2019



This game looks OUT OF THIS WORLD!

(Get it?)

Moonrakers is all about making SHORT-term alliances.

Because let’s face it…

In board games, as in life, no one can stand me for long.

Compete against up to five of your friends to collect ten “Prestige Points” and become the leader of the Moonrakers.

But without alliances, your chances of winning are just about ZERO.


Best Kickstarter Games 2019



33. Aeon Trespass: Odyssey


Best Kickstarter Games 2019



I went trespassing once.

We teepeed this kid’s house in high school.

It was super fun, but then his parents found out who did it.

So we had to go back the next morning and clean it up.

Man, that sucked.

What’s the life lesson here?

If you’re gonna do stuff like that, don’t get caught.

Aeon Trespass is an absolutely MASSIVE game of adventure and exploration.

It’s filled with a whopping 200+ hours of gameplay and 1,500 cards.

Saving the human race has never sounded so fun!

(Or taken so long.)


Best Kickstarter Games 2019




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August 2019


32. Trial by Trolley


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



Trial by Trolley is a “party game of moral dilemmas and trolley murder.”

Which sounds suspiciously like my last family vacation.

Cyanide And Happiness followed up their first wildly successful project, Joking Hazard, in a BIG way with this bad boy.

It raised over $3 million by forcing you to decide who to run over with a trolley.

And much like O.J., you’ll probably get away with it.




31. Anxiety ATTACK! The Board Game by The Awkward Yeti


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019

Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


You know what gives ME anxiety?

Watching their entire campaign video and still having no idea how to really play this game.

Trigger cards move you forward on the board.

And Defuse cards move your characters back.

Your goal is to be the last player sent to the “Anxiety Spiral.”

Too bad for me, I’m already there.



30. BattleTech: Clan Invasion


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


BattleTech: Clan Invasion is set in the year 3049.

Everything has gone to sh*t and we’re all completely screwed.

Well, kinda.

This insanely intricate tabletop game is part of the long running BattleTech series.

Five “houses” control this futuristic world where you’ll deck it out on your quest for survival.





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July 2019


29. On The Underground – London / Berlin



When I was a kid, we lived in Germany for a few years.

We took the U-Bahn EVERYWHERE.

What does that have to do with this board game?

Absolutely nothing.

But let me be nostalgic for a minute, dammit!

On the Underground is essentially Ticket To Ride with a few added twists.

You compete for passengers by building the most efficient rail lines across Europe.



28. Monikers – Serious Nonsense Box By Shut Up & Sit Down




The original version of Monikers’ Box got an 8.3 on BoardGameGeek.

Which is a better rating than they gave Chess…

(Sorry, grandpa.)

And the team behind this new version claim this edition is 3x better.

It features a whopping 330 brand new cards with HILARIOUS things written on them.

Your goal is to get your friends to guess what’s written on each card.

It’s sorta like a souped-up version of Fishbowl.



27. The Isle of Cats



The Isle of Cats, eh?

You know who would like this game?

My neighbor.

Dude has a SH*TLOAD of cats.

Your objective is rescue cats from a deserted island before a ship of angry Frenchmen arrive.

(Which is also what started the War of 1812, I believe.)




26. Middara – Unintentional Malum (The Complete Trilogy)



Ok, people…

Five bucks if you can tell me the definition of “malum.”

Got nothin’?

It means, “an offense against right or law: evil, wrong.”

Oh, you knew that?

Leave a comment with your Venmo username and I’ll get that right to ya.


Middara is a ridiculously intricate board game set in a unique fantasy world.

It takes you through 3,000+ words of narrative with over 100 epic encounters.

Needless to say, the Stranger Things kids would LOVE this game.




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June 2019


25. Icaion


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Icaion sounds like the name of a fancy Brazilian steakhouse that just opened up in town.

But, alas, it’s simply the name of an ultra-popular Kickstarter board game.

Your goal is to become a “Seeker” who harvests Qoam.

Collect the most Qoam and you WIN!!!

(I’m assuming.)



24. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – Season 2


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


I had SUCH bad déjà vu watching this campaign video.

And then I realized why…

They used the same campaign video as they did in their first Batman board game.

Which is a #weirdflex.

And also supremely lazy if you ask me.

But they’ve already raised $1 million, so maybe I’m the moron?




23. Too Many Bones: Splice & Dice + Series Reprint


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Too Many Bones raised $50,000 in 86 seconds.

Which, in the words of Borat, is “very niiiiiceeeee!”

This is a reprint of the original Too Many Bones and comes PACKED with new add-ons.




22. Company of Heroes Board Game



Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Look, I’ll be honest.

When I saw that Company of Heros had a 14 minute campaign video, I thought to myself, “well there’s no way I’m watching this whole thing.”

And guess what?

I was right!

But I did make it through enough to gather that you battle for control of Europe with one of four armies.

Choose between U.S., British, Soviet, and Wehrmacht forces.

What’s Wehrmacht, you ask?

It’s German, you ignorant fool!*

(*Pretends I didn’t Google that 10 seconds ago.)

Anyway, this edition is based on the popular video game.

And judging by the reaction on Kickstarter so far, the board game version won’t disappoint.





May 2019


21. Hostage Negotiator – Career


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


My uncle is actually the top hostage negotiator for the city of Chicago.

I asked him one time what his best advice was for talking to hostage takers.

“Call their bluff,” he said, “If they threaten to kill somebody, yell ‘DO IT!!’ at the top of your lungs. Sure, you may lose a few hostages that way, but man you’ll feel like a bada**.”

Ok, my uncle never actually said that.

Hell he’s not even a hostage negotiator.

And he lives in Seattle.

(What’s up, Jerry?!)

Anyway, this game forces you to make crucial decisions in hostage situations.

You’ll either rise up the ranks of the department, or completely blow your reputation.

Good luck, hostages!



Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Cleopatra don’t play no games.

She wants a new palace built and she wants it built NOW.

After 13 years, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is back and better than ever.

Compete to build the biggest, best palace the fastest or face dire consequences like real-life death and dismemberment.

JK, you’d just be losing a board game.

But still, losing sucks.



19. Runes & Regulations – A Game of Suburban Sorcery


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Runes & Regulations is brought to you by the same guys that created Unstable Unicorns.

Too bad their newest game is trending to raise only about 1/3 as much.

I guess sometimes 2nd editions aren’t as good as the original.

Hell, just look at my younger brother.

Runes & Regulations is a, “strategic card game that combines the aggressiveness of a horde of dragons with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn.”

And at over $600,000 raised, it’s still absolutely crushing it.




18. Bloodborne – The Board Game


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


I don’t always back Kickstarter board game projects, but when I do, they have ridiculously ominous names.

Bloodborne is the latest of CMON’s games to join the $1 million club.

And with good reason…

It looks downright terrifying.

Your goal is to fight your way through a town called Yharnam filled with, “beasts, monsters, and frenzied townsfolk.”

Frenzied townsfolk, eh?

Just tell a city’s homeowners you’re raising their property tax by a quarter of a percent, and you’ll see EXACTLY what they’re talking about.


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



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April 2019

17. Truth or Drink – The Card Game


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019



Depending on your perspective, Truth or Drink sounds either terrifically fun or horribly uncomfortable.

And I think that’s the point.

You can either answer tremendously prying questions about yourself…

Or drink!

(So unless you want the world to know your deepest, darkest secrets, prepare to get hammered, my friends.)




16. Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


“A game about killer robots, sad whales, and moon demons. If that doesn’t interest you, we’re out of ideas.”

Now THAT is a top-notch description dreamed up by Tsukuyumi’s creators.

It’s a 2-4 person game where you choose one of four factions and attempt to dominate a post-apocalyptic world.

I call the Sad Whales.



15. Oceans – A Standalone Game in the Evolution Series


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


There are creatures in our oceans frightening enough to make grown men cry.

You think a giant squid looks scary?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Oceans is a tabletop game featuring two vastly different worlds.

One features the ocean as we know it, the other, called “The Deep,” is home to some of the most horrifying creatures imaginable.



14. Firmament by Cyan Worlds


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


I woke up drenched in a cold sweat this morning…

I had this horrible dream that I sat at a desk all day long staring at a computer screen for a living.

SH*T, that was no dream!

That’s my REAL LIFE!

Our real lives can be pretty damn depressing sometimes, which is why the guys behind Firmament made such an outrageously cool new world.

It harnesses the tremendous power of VR, sending you on a truly epic adventure through a never before seen world.




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March 2019


13. Waste Knights: Second Edition




Waste Knights is a post-apocalyptic board game in which Australia’s indebted government has been bailed out by a private corporation.

Those SOBs then begin conducting evil experiments on citizens.

It’s like if the U.S. got taken over by JC Penny, who then forced everyone to wear their clothes.

What a nightmare that would be.




12. Wavelength



“A broccoli cheddar bowl is a very warming thing.”

That’s a direct quote from their campaign video.

Which gave absolutely NO indication of how to play Wavelength.

So I actually had to read their page to figure it out.

Which, yes I know, took a scary amount of extra effort.

It basically works like this:

One person in the group knows where a hidden arrow is pointing between two points on a spectrum.

Their job is to get the rest of the group to figure out exactly where the arrow is pointing by giving a clue.

So if the far left said, “short” and the far right said “tall” and the arrow was pointing very far right, you might want to give the clue, “Shaquille O’Neal riding a giraffe.”


11. Coloma



Coloma reminds me of a modern day Oregon Trail in board game form.

So if it’s anything like that game, you’ll spend a lot of time killing far more meat than you could ever possibly carry and watching your friends slowly die of dysentery.

Your goal in Coloma is to settle the new West while striking it rich.


10. Throw Throw Burrito



The makers of the most-backed Kickstarter campaign ever are at it again.

And this time things are gettin’ spicy.

Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first game where you collect cards and throw burritos at your friends.

It’s sorta like dodgeball for hungry people.

(Which is an all-too accurate description of Taco Night at my house.)

You can read our full Throw Throw Burrito review here.





February 2019


9. Hyperspace



Have you guys ever taken a deep breath, looked up at the stars, and thought to yourself, “Damn, space is amazing.”


Me neither!

Still, Hyperspace looks pretty dang bada**.

Choose from 25 different highly unique alien civilizations as you try to dominate the galaxy in this supremely challenging strategy board game.




8. Vindication Board Game



The goal of Vindication is to restore your lost honor before the end of the epoch.

But I lost my honor long ago when I ate 6 Twinkies in an 11-minute span.

Anyway, well over 5,000 backers seem to agree that this is one Kickstarter board game not to be missed.



7. Human Punishment – Project Hell Gate



Naming a game “Human Punishment” sounds strangely sexual.

But I’ve been assured that this game is strictly PG-13.

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and features some SWEET lookin’ ID cards.



6. PARKS – The Board Game



My parents live in Montana. (Hi, mom!)

So I’ve actually been to Yellowstone quite a few times. (No big deal or anything.)

PARKS does an outstanding job capturing the beauty of our national parks in an ultra-playable board game with tons of re-play value.


5. Munchkin Dungeon by CMON



Game maker CMON is to Kickstarter board games what LeBron James is to the NBA…

The undisputed king.

They’re back with their whopping 36th game in Munchkin Dungeon.

Does anyone else think that name is incredibly hard to say?!



4. Suburbia – Collector’s Edition



Have you guys ever seen the movie Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf?

I remember seeing it in high school and thinking it was really good, but NO ONE ever talks about it.

What does that have to do with Suburbia?

Absolutely nothing, but the name reminded me of that movie.

In all seriousness, this game actually looks really cool.

You try to build the best city, which attracts the largest population.

It’s kind of like a hybrid of Sims and Catan.

The original game came out a full 7 years ago, but this collector’s edition features all of the expansion packs and some cool new perks, too!



January 2019


3. Air Deck 2.0 – The Ultimate Travel Playing Cards


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Now don’t think for a second that these are just normal playing cards cut in half.

Ok, they’re pretty much just normal playing cards just cut in half.

BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them.

Their incredibly compact size makes them perfect for traveling.

And a heavy-duty, 100% waterproof finish means these will last for YEARS without breaking down.


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019

2. Onimaru 


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Like Beyonce, Sting, and LeBorn, this game needs but one name.


(Did you just yell that in your head because I definitely did.)

It’s an completely interactive strategy game featuring all sorts of fully customizable attacks.

You can even create your own one-of-a-kind hero on your way to total domination.


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019

1. Malkyrs – The Interactive Card Game


Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


Smelly cheese and elongated loafs of bread aren’t the only things coming out of France these days.

The French team behind Malkyrs made a super interactive trading card game that combines the best of digital and physical gaming.

You can digitally scan your trading cards to trade, level up, and play online, while also using the physical cards with friends who live nearby.

It’s the perfect combo to maximize both fun AND long-term playability.

Best Kickstarter Board Games 2019


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