Of the thousands of Kickstarter tech, fashion, and design projects launched so far in 2018, only 21 have raised over $1 million.

Want to launch a million dollar Kickstarter campaign?

Make a game.

There have been more million dollar Kickstarter game projects in 2018 than in any other category…


The Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2018


The Travel Line Kickstarter


The Travel Line – Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools


Funds raised: $5.2 million
Number of backers: 13,752
Campaign duration: 7/23/18 – 9/20/18

Why it’s cool: It looked like the BauBax 2.0 Jacket would cruise to victory as the most funded Kickstarter project of 2018 before Peak Designs’ Travel Line came out of absolutely no where to blow them out of the water. These brilliantly designed travel bags certainly deserve their title as Kickstarter King of 2018.

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BauBax 2.0

BauBax 2.0 – The World’s Best Travel Jacket


Funds raised: $3.9 million
Number of backers: 21,409
Campaign duration: 2/14/18 – 4/15/18

Why it’s cool: This jacket has 25+ features. Which is about 24 more than your jacket has. Although the BauBax 2.0 travel jacket raised more than all but one other Kickstarter project in 2018, the first version actually did better — raising $9.2 million in 2015.

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eufyCam Kickstarter

eufyCam – The Wirefree Security Camera with 365 Day Battery


Funds raised: $3.1 million
Number of backers: 8,803
Campaign duration: 4/16/18 – 6/15/18

Why it’s cool: A waterproof, wireless security camera with a ridiculously long battery life and no monthly fees? Take that, ADT.

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Tropic – The Ultimate Travel Shoe


Funds raised: $2.5 million
Number of backers: 26,284
Campaign duration: 4/24/18 – 6/14/18

Why it’s cool: Look out Nike, Tropic’s comin’ for ya. They combined four shoes in one – sneakers, water shoes, running shoes, and hiking boots to create the perfect travel shoe. Add in some fun, funky colors and you’ve got yourself a viral Kickstarter campaign, sir.

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FinalStraw Kickstarter

FinalStraw – The World’s First Collapsible, Reusable Straw


Funds raised: $1.9 million
Number of backers: 38,443
Campaign duration: 4/19/18 – 5/19/18

Why it’s cool: You’ve already heard the stat, there’s a boat load of plastic garbage floating around in the ocean and we’re all screwed. Well, FinalStraw wants to do their fair share to make that floating garbage heap just a little bit smaller. And with 38,000+ backers, they may just make a difference after all.


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Solo Stove Yukon & Ranger – All Fire, No Smoke


Funds raised: $1.7 million
Number of backers: 4.324
Campaign duration: 10/11/18 – 11/15/18

Why it’s cool: These steel drums of awesomeness come in two convenient sizes, and burn wood in a way that drastically reduces smoke.


Scribit Kickstarter


Scribit – Turn your wall into an interactive canvas


Funds raised: $1.6 million
Number of backers: 4.352
Campaign duration: 6/3/18 – 7/5/18

Why it’s cool: Did you hear that? It’s the sound of moms everywhere screaming in frustration because this awesome robot artist wasn’t invented sooner. So many costly paint jobs could’ve been avoided. Regardless, the world’s first draw & erase robot is here and it’s freakin’ awesome.


AlpinerX Kickstarter Watch


AlpinerX – The Most Beautiful Outdoors Smartwatch


Funds raised: $1.6 million
Number of backers: 2,795
Campaign duration: 3/22/18 – 4/21/18

Why it’s cool: Does their campaign spokesman have a very punchable face? Yes. Is this an absurdly cool watch? Yes.


FOREO UFO Kickstarter

Foreo UFO – 90 Second Beauty Mask


Funds raised: $1.6 million
Number of backers: 9,474
Campaign duration: 1/8/18 – 2/22/18

Why it’s cool: Trust me, I do not speak from experience here, but apparently most facial masks are cold, wet, and take 20 minutes to work. This mask is warm and takes just 90 seconds to open up those pores, baby.

By the way, are you gonna eat those cucumbers? Asking for a friend.

Plexus Wheel+ Kickstarter

Plexus Wheel+ – The World’s Simplest Back Pain Relief


Funds raised: $1.5 million
Number of backers: 17,963
Campaign duration: 7/10/18 – 8/25/18

Why it’s cool: First off, their campaign video is laugh out loud funny. Then they offered three different sizes to help everyone from overeager Yogis to somewhat pliant grandmas relieve their back pain. The Plexus Wheel+ was a classic example of a good product going viral because of clever messaging.




Moment – Anamorphic Lens


Funds raised: $1.5 million
Number of backers: 9,954
Campaign duration: 3/27/18 – 4/19/18

Why it’s cool: Moment’s 4th campaign lets you transform your smartphone into a device capable of making movie-quality videos with their easy-to-use anamorphic lens. Look out Steven Spielberg.

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Best Kickstarter Projects of 2018


Silo – One-Touch Connected Vacuum Sealer That Keeps Food Fresh 5x Longer


Funds raised: $1.4 million
Number of backers: 5,417
Campaign duration: 10/16/18 – 11/17/18

Why it’s cool: Holy crap… something that keeps avocados fresh for longer than 12.3 seconds?? SIGN ME UP.

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Smart Belt 2.0 Kickstarter

Smart Belt 2.0 – The Most Crowdfunded Accessory in History


Funds raised: $1.4 million
Number of backers: 14,071
Campaign duration: 5/21/18 – 7/20/18

Why it’s cool: This innovative belt captured backers’ hearts (and waistlines) with its 32 adjustable sizes. Making it the perfect post-buffet solution to hold up those bulgin’ pants of yours.

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Zip Top Containers Kickstarter

Zip Top – Reusable Containers Stand Up, Stay Open, and Zip Shut


Funds raised: $1.3 million
Number of backers: 12,662
Campaign duration: 10/3/18 – 11/2/18

Why it’s cool: Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban would literally be FIST-FIGHTING over these absurdly versatile, lidfree storage containers. They’re that amazing. Simply put, these are a once-in-a-generation product that belongs in every kitchen in the world.


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Moon Pod Kickstarter


Moon Pod – A Zero-Gravity Beanbag for All-Day Deep Relaxation


Funds raised: $1.3 million
Number of backers: 5,026
Campaign duration: 6/13/18 – 7/20/18

Why it’s cool: When I was growing up, bean bags were about as comfortable as a couch made out of cacti. But Moon Pod’s promise of weightless relaxation made this adult bean bag one of the top projects of 2018.

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Best Kickstarter Projects of 2018


Footloose – Self-Cleaning Automatic Litter Box


Funds raised: $1.3 million
Number of backers: 3,600
Campaign duration: 10/16/18 – 11/16/18

Why it’s cool: Do you enjoy scooping your cat’s poop? (Bet you didn’t think anybody would ask you that today, huh?) Well now you won’t have to!


MUtable 2.0 Kickstarter

Mutable 2.0 – The All-in-One Play Table


Funds raised: $1.3 million
Number of backers: 2,639
Campaign duration: 2/21/18 – 4/19/18

Why it’s cool: The most frustrating thing about parenthood, you know, besides the pants pooping pant, is that kids constantly outgrow their things. The beauty of this 8-in-1 play table is its versatility. It has four adjustable heights so can grow with your kids.

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Errant Backpack Kickstarter


Errant – The Ultimate Everyday Backpack


Funds raised: $1.3 million
Number of backers: 9,693
Campaign duration: 6/25/18 – 7/11/18

Why it’s cool: Usually when companies create beautifully designed minimalist products, they pair that simplicity with an outrageous price tag. Boundary did the opposite. Offering an exceptionally well-made backpack at an affordable price.

Anvanda Bag Kickstarter

Använda – A Great F*cking Bag


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 10,061
Campaign duration: 1/10/18 – 2/29/18

Why it’s cool: The team behind this bag kept it real. They admitted that their bag wasn’t necessarily revolutionary, but they more than made up for it with their hilarious campaign page.

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The Halograph Watch II

The Halograph II Watch


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 2,821
Campaign duration: 6/13/18 – 7/1/18

Why it’s cool: Their mission was to “create unusual timepieces,” and you can bet your butt that they did just that. Seriously, these watches have more numbers on display than the whiteboard in my 8th grade algebra class.


NOMATIC – Messenger and Laptop Bags


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 5,668
Campaign duration: 2/20/18 – 4/21/18

Why it’s cool: Because the only people who still carry briefcases to the office are stuffy old bankers and characters in Mad Men.


The Misen Nonstick Pan Kickstarter

The Misen Nonstick Pan


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 12,192
Campaign duration: 10/9/18 – 11/4/18

Why it’s cool: I want to shout this from the rooftops for all the world to hear: “If you have a good kitchen product and even an ounce of marketing ability, your product will CRUSH IT on Kickstarter!” This non-stick pan is remarkably simple, but I guess people are really sick of scraping scrambled eggs off their current pans.


Rite Press Kickstarter

Rite Press – The ‘No Mess’ French Press


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 21,771
Campaign duration: 1/23/18 – 3/9/18

Why it’s cool: A brilliantly designed brewer with premium, built-in functions that give you a consistently great Cup of Joe. Just in case you’re sick of paying $6 every time you go to Starbucks.


Most Funded Kickstarter Projects 2018


Unobrush – The World’s Smartest 6-Second Toothbrush


Funds raised: $1.1 million
Number of backers: 12,375
Campaign duration: 10/22/18 – 11/22/18

Why it’s cool: Well it’ll probably get your dentist off your back about not flossing for once.



Expandable Sash Bag Kickstarter

Expandable Sash Bags – The Anti-Purse Just Got Extra


Funds raised: $1 million
Number of backers: 4,919
Campaign duration: 7/4/18 – 8/3/18

Why it’s cool: This expanding purse’s brilliant design keeps you organized, while easily expandable pockets mean you can stuff just about anything you need in its compact compartments. #ditchyopurse is probably trending right now.


MONKII Pocket Gym Kickstarter


Pocket Monkii – A Gym in Your Pocket


Funds raised: $1 million
Number of backers: 8,306
Campaign duration: 5/1/18 – 6/29/18

Why it’s cool: My gym is exceptionally crowded and smells like feet. This gym fits in your pocket. The choice is pretty clear.

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